Friday, September 3, 2010

What a hard day is like.

Today is the kind of day that reminds me why I wanted so badly to live in Albuquerque.  We are experiencing a major shift in the weather which sets off my fibro so badly. My pain is so bad that even the codeine isn't helping. I need to live in a steadier weather pattern. It isn't any particular kind of weather that sets me off; it's the changes.  I suspect it is related to barometric pressure.  I think that is also what is behind my body's preference to sleep daytimes and be up nights. ( I wish I knew more about barometric pressure.)  The thing about fribromayalgia is, it is not just one kind of pain involved. For example, the deep ache that is talked about in the  commercials is only one type of pain. That happens to be under control today. There is a layer of pain that feels closer to the surface and is like a burning blanket over that whole depth of my body, which is what is bothering me so badly right now.  There are many other symptoms to this syndrome as well, such as fatigue, sensitivities, stiffness - separate from the other symptoms. I wish I felt more fatigued today; then I could sleep though the pain, at least. But my mind is fairly clear and my energy fairly good. Can you believe that can be a bad thing?  This is such a strange condition. I wish they would find the cause/ a cure. This day is very high on the "bad day" scale, though not my worst. Today I am wondering why I have to live like this, but I am not praying to die.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A cheery pick-me-up!

I just got the cheerful news that I won the ATC (Artist Trading Card) lottery for the ARTchix Playgroup I belong to on Flickr.  That means over the next week or so I will be getting wonderful art pieces in the mail. It is such a bright spot in my life to belong to this group of wonderful and talented artists, and even more so when I receive my winnings.  I have a smile on my face right now.  In all, this has been an upbeat day for me- pain level under control, energy level fairly high, brain fairly clear, and the weather gorgeous.  I am usually at my worst on the nicest days, so that makes this an especially great day.  I spent lots of time outside enjoying my dog's company (picture posted below; isn't Rizzo adorable?) and doing art journaling and slurping an iced latte at Caribou.  My heart is full with gratitude.

left side of 2 page spread

Journal entries based on songs from my childhood