Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More of the same, and some new ATCs

Again today, I am in so much pain I have hardly been able to do anything.  Took the dog out a couple times, microwaved a meal, filled out forms for the new place I am hoping to move into.  I lost energy to scan them into the computer to send.  I got page one on the scanner bed.  The thought of running back and forth, lifting the top, turning and positioning pages, back to the computer, open the program, follow the buttons down, click on the right one, then click again, then again.  Back over to the scanner.... for each and every page. I  took a codeine. We'll see if that helps.  energy-low. stiffness-high.  bummed out about how much I want to do, and can't. I made 3 new ATC's last nigh that i am vey pleased with:

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