Sunday, September 6, 2009

My rating scale

Today I am in lots of pain. I'm also pretty stiff, and fairly low energy.   I hate the 1-10 scale. It is hard to figure out where to say I am in relationship to the worst possible pain I can imagine (10).  And Fibro is much more than just pain.  The main components that interfere with my functioning are pain, stiffness, and energy.  (There are lots of other symptoms that are annoying.)  They seem to operate independently of one another.  I find this odd -- unexpected.  It is easier to rate pain in relationship to my functioning. At my worst I cannot get out of bed except to shuffle to the bathroom if absolutely necessary. I cannot open my medicine bottle, or turn on the computer, much less type. Worst of all, I can't make my coffee! - lol.  That's MY 10.  Sometimes my pain will be high, but my stiffness low, and my energy high, so that I am frustrated about feeling like I want to be active, but can't find anything to do that is comfortable, painwise.  But these are not such bad days because painkillers help me to function.  Sometimes my pain level is low, and my energy is high, but so is my stiffness, which also feels like I want to be active, but there is nothing to loosen the stiffness.  Exercises or stretching are a crap shoot. Sometimes they help, but more often, they flare me up.  Then I end up in bed for 1-3 more days.  I have read that this is common for fibromyalgics.  So if I am lower pain (usually it takes painkillers to get there) + high  energy + high stiffness, that's a good day to go to Barnes and Noble or use a scooter cart to grocery shop.  Occasionally, my stiffness is low enough I can shop for a while under my own steam.  It's hard to gauge.  There were times when I thought it would be okay to walk, and suddenly I find myself at the back of the store unable to take another step. 
That's enough for now, but soon I will talk about the relationship to weather I have noticed, and my very very odd sleep schedule.  Meanwhile, here is some artwork Idid recently:
It's a mandala done with sparkly gel pens

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